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Dominic Chai

Institution University of Cambridge
Position Research Associate
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Recent Publications
  • Santos, N. & Chai, D.H., (2022) The Vatican’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic: The COVID-19 Commission and Preparing the Future. In Shultz, C., Rahtz, D., & Sirgy, J. (Eds.), Community, the Economy, and COVID-19: Lessons from Multi-Country Analyses of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic, New York: Springer Publishing.
  • Yu, E. P., Tanda, A., Luu, B.V. & Chai, D.H. (2021) Environmental Transparency and Investors’ Risk Perception: Cross‐country Evidence on Multinational Corporations’ Sustainability Practices and Cost of Equity. Business Strategy and the Environment, 30(8): 3975-4000.
  • Buchanan, J., Chai, D. H., & Deakin, S. (2012). Hedge fund activism in Japan: The limits of shareholder primacy. Cambridge University Press.