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Francis Chittuparambil

Institution Carmelaram Theology College, Bengaluru
Position Professor
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Recent Publications
  • CHITTUPARAMBIL Francis (Tran), With St. Therese to the third Millenium, CIPH Publications, Trivandrum 1997.
  • -----, The Human Body in Christian and Hindu perspectives: A Dialogue for a Foundation in Indian Biomedical Ethics, Alphonsianum, Rome 2009.
  • -----, Human Body in bioethics: Christian and Upanishadic perspectives, Asian Trading Corporation, Bangalore 2011.
  • -----, “Wholehearted commitment to Church’s social mission” in Vadakkekara Benedict (Ed.), Rani Maria: An Evangelical presence, Media House 2014, pp.79-94.
  • -----, “A young martyr for social justice: Sr. Rani Maria Vattalil to be beatified in Indore” in L’Osservatore Romano, 3 November 44/2017, 11.
  • -----, “Una martire e un perdono più che eroico” in La stella del Carmelo, 2017/2, 55-60.
  • -----, From Darkness to the Light - The Spiritual Canticle in 25 Miniatures (Tran), CIPH, Trivandrum, 2019.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Professor of Moral Theology in Teresianum Pontifical Faculty, ROME from 2006-2017.
  • Guest Professor of Moral Theology in the Pontifical University Urbanianum, ROME from 2012-2017.
  • Professor of Moral Theology and Spirituality, Carmelaram Theology College, BENGALURU from 1999.