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James Bretzke

United States
Institution Boston College School of Theology and Ministry
Position Faculty/Administrator
Email Address
Recent Publications
  • Handbook of Moral Terms. Washington, D.C.:Georgetown University Press, 2013.
  • Consecrated Phrases: A Latin Dictionary of Theological Terms. Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2013.
  • “Teaching Cross-Cultural Ethics in a Context of Pluralism & Multiculturalism: Teaching Where Religion and Ethics Intersect.” Journal of Ecumenical Studies 48:3 (Summer 2013): 369-377.
  • “Constancy & Change in Catholic Sexual Ethics” America (24 September 2012): 14-16.
  • “How Can Ethics Be Christian? What the Pontifical Biblical Commission Might Offer in Response.” Bible Today 48:4 (July/August 2010): 209-215.“The Faith of the Church, the Magisterium, and the Theologian: Proper and Improper Interpretations of the Notification.” In Hope & Solidarity: Jon Sobrino’s Challenge to Christian Theology, 171-184. Ed. Stephen J. Pope. Maryknoll NY: Orbis Books, 2008.
  • “A Burden Of Means: Interpreting Recent Catholic Magisterial Teaching on End-of-Life Issues.” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 60/2 (Fall/Winter 2006): 183-200.
  • “Human Rights or Human Rites? Insights from a Cross-Cultural Exchange.” In Faithful/Fateful Encounters: Religion and Cultural Exchanges Between Asia and the West: Proceedings From an International Conference, 458-475. Edited by Zhuo Xinping, Judith Berling, and Philip Wickeri. Beijing: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of World Religions, 2005.
  • A Morally Complex World: Engaging Contemporary Moral Theology. Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 2004.
  • “Scripture and Ethics: Core, Context, and Coherence.” Chapter 5 in Moral Theology: New Directions and Fundamental Issues. Festschrift for James Hanigan, 88-107. Edited by James Keating. New York: Paulist Press, 2004.
  • “Human Rights or Human Rites?: A Confucian Cross-Cultural Perspective.” East Asian Pastoral Review 41/1 (2004): 44-67.