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Jude Thaddaeus Buyondo

Institution University of Vienna
Position Senior Research Fellow
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Recent Publications
  • The Critique of Bioethical Principlism in Contrast to an African Approach to Bioethics (WIPF and STOCK Publishers, 2024).
  • Holistic Bioethics Founded on an African Understanding of Anamnetic Solidarity: The Relational Other as the Theological Heart of Theological Bioethics (WIPF and STOCK Publishers, 2024).
  • “A Genuine Intercultural Ethics Requires a Decolonized Pluriversal Dialogue Between the Colonizers and the Colonized”, Intercultural/Ecumenical Theological Ethics: Fundaments – Frameworks– Processes in Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church Series (CTEWC), 2025.
  • “Approaching Contemporary Ecological-Religious Challenges from an African Approach to Ethics,” Theological Ethics in Development: Contemporary Challenges (special issue), in Estudios Eclesiasticos, Vol 1, February 2025.
  • “A Bioethics Beyond the Hospital Setting,” Philosophy in Uganda: Relevance, Challenges, and Prospects, Makerere University Press, April 2025.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Affiliate Research Fellow, Human Network Initiative, Harvard
  • Expert in African Bioethics––Buffering, Porosity & Brain Health in Uganda, Templeton