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Matthew Shadle

United States
Institution Loras College
Position Faculty/Administrator
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Recent Publications
  • The Origins of War: A Catholic Perspective (Georgetown, 2011)
  • "Theology and the Origins of Conflict: The Shining Path Insurgency in Peru," Political Theology 14 (2013).
  • "What is at Stake in the Debate Over Presumptions in the Just War Tradition," Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 32 (2012).
  • "Twenty Years of Interpreting Centesimus Annus on the Economy," Journal of Catholic Social Thought 9 (2012).
  • "No Peace on Earth: War and the Environment," in Green Discipleship: Catholic Theological Ethics and the Environment, ed. Tobias Winright (Anselm Academic, 2011).
  • "Cavanaugh on the Church and the Modern State: An Appraisal," Horizons 37 (2010).