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Pavlo Smytsnyuk

United States
Institution Princeton University
Position Associate Research Scholar
University Profile Website URL
Recent Publications
  • “The War in Ukraine as a Challenge for Religious Communities: Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Prospects for Peacemaking”, Studia UBB - Theologia Catholica Latina 68/1, 2023, pp. 26-70.
  • “The Holy See Confronts the War in Ukraine: Between Just War Theory and Nonviolence”, ET Studies - Journal of the European Society for Catholic Theology 14/1, 2023, pp. 3-24.
  • “Rationalizing the War in Ukraine through Religion: The Orthodox Church and Russia’s Imperialist Motif (Response to Hans-Herbert Kögler)”, European Journal of Social Theory 26.4, 2023, pp. 542–547.
  • "The Crisis as an Icon," Responding to the Global Pandemic as a Systemic Crisis: The Economy of Francesco as a New Paradigm, edited by Cristiano Colombi, John Dalla Costa, Teresa Doni, Paolo Garuti, Raffaella Petrini and Damien Savino, Rome: Angelicum University Press, 2023, 69-84.
  • “The Politicization of God: Soloviev, Clément and Yannaras on the Theological Importance of Atheism”, ET Studies - Journal of the European Society for Catholic Theology 13.2, 2022, pp. 265-288.
  • “Revolution, Glory and Sacrifice: Ukraine’s Maidan and the Revival
of a European Identity”, Narrating Europe Anew: Political, Theological and Cultural Constructions of Europe [Europa (neu) erzählen: Inszenierungen Europas in politischer, theologischer und kulturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive], Edited by Martin Kirschner, Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2022, pp. 215-236.
  • “Pars pro toto, or Who Represents Universality? The Churches of Rome and Constantinople Between Particularity and Catholicity”, One in Christ 55.1, 2021, 75-92.
  • “A Tortuous Boundary: Polis, Civil Religion, and the Distinction between the Sacred and Profane”, Theology and the Political: Theo-political Reflections on Contemporary Politics in Ecumenical Conversation, Edited by Alexei Bodrov and Stephen M. Garrett. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2021, 106-127.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Orthodox-Eastern Catholic Dialogue Group (Member of the Steering Committee, 2019-)
  • Ukrainian Christian Academic Society (Member of the Coordinating Board, 2021-)
  • Public Advisory Council on Religions and Ethnicities, at Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information (Member, 2021-)
  • Pathways to Peace Initiative, Conference of European Churches (Member of the Steering Committee, 2023-)
  • Oxford Interfaith Forum (Senior Fellow, 2023-)
  • Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
  • American Academy of Religion