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Robert Gascoigne

Institution Australian Catholic University
Position Emeritus Professor
Recent Publications
  • ‘Can Catholic Social Thought Help to Alleviate Liturgical Tensions?’ Irish Theological Quarterly 79:1 (January 2014): 30–44.
  • ‘The Bond between Peace, Justice and Love in the Thought of John XXIII and John Paul II’, in Peace, Interreligious Dialogue and Culture, Peer Reviewed Proceedings of the Seminar held at the University of Southern Queensland, February 2014, ed. Marcus K. Harmes and Krzysztof Batorowicz. Pp. 27-38.
  • ‘Patriotism, The Human Family, and a Christian Prophetic Stance’, in M. Hułas and S. Fel, eds. Intricacies of Patriotism: Towards a Complexity of Patriotic Allegiance. Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lang, 2015.
  • ‘The Presence of Catholics in Australian Politics: An Ecclesial Perspective’, Australasian Catholic Record, 92:1 (January 2015): 3-15.
  • ‘Shared Commitments. Not all Secularists are Antireligious’, Commonweal, June 12, 2015, 11-14.
  • ‘Scripture, Virtue Ethics and Public Life: Justice and Mercy in Isaiah 42/Matthew 12’, in Jeevadhara Vol. XLV, 2016, Mercy: The Substance of the Gospel of Jesus, ed. Mathew Illathuparampil. Kottayam, Kerala, India. Pp. 22-37.
  • 'The meaning of Christian prophecy in a liberal secular culture', Political Theology, 17 (2016):6, 540-554.
  • ‘Secularity as Cross-Cultural and Dialogic Space: The Australian Example’, in Y.S.L. Chan, J. Keenan, and S. G. Kochuthara, eds. Doing Asian Theological Ethics in a Cross-Cultural and an Interreligious Context. Bengaluru: Dharmaram Publications, 2016. Pp. 47-58.
  • ‘The Mystical and the Political: Challenges for the Australian Catholic Church’, Australasian Catholic Record, 95:1 (January 2018): 20-34.
  • 'Building Bridges in a Disconnected World: A Christological Perspective', Australasian Catholic Record, 95:4 (October 2018): 424-440.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Australian Catholic Theological Association
  • Catholic Theological Association of America
  • Guest Fellow, Centre for Theological Inquiry, Princeton, 2019.