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Roger Burggraeve

Institution Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies KU Leuven
Position Emeritus Professor
Recent Publications
  • Faces of Good and Evil. Biblical narratives provoke thought on the mystery of our humanity, Bolton (UK), Don Bosco Publications, 2023, 198 p.
  • “Blessing: Exploring the Religious, Anthropological and Ethical Meaning,” in: Religions, Section: Religion and Humanities/Philosophies, Special Issue: Continental Philosophy and Christian Beliefs (chief editor: Glenn Morrison, Fremantle Western Australia), 2022, 12 p.
  • “The Strange Other Awakens My Responsibility: A Philosophical Reading of the Good Samaritan Narrative in the Footsteps of Fratelli Tutti,” in: Banzelao TEIXEIRA (ed.), Building Bridges of Fraternity and Friendship: Reflections on Fratelli Tutti”, Dehli, Christian World Imprints, 2022, pp. 18-27.
  • J. BONNY, R. BURGGRAEVE, I. VAN HALST, “Please? Thank you! Sorry…”. A Dialogue on Love, Marriage and Family Life in the Light of Pope Francis’ Logic of Mercy and Discernment (Amoris Laetitia), Antwerp, Gompel&Svacina, 2021, 186 p.
  • “Invincible goodness. Levinas on socio-political responsibility, its hither side and beyond, in dialogue with Vasily Grossman,” in: Budhi: A Journal of Ideas and Culture (Quezon City, Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University), 24 (2020) 3, December, pp. 1-97.
  • To Love Otherwise. Essays in Bible Philosophy and Ethics, Leuven-Paris-Bristol, CT, Peeters, 2020, 340 p.
  • L. VANLAERE, R. BURGGGRAEVE, L. LATEGAN, Vulnerable Responsibility. Small Vices for Caregivers, Bloemfontein (South Africa), SUN Media, 2019, 146 p. (Chapter VII: “Care Ethics in the Wake of Emmanuel Levinas. A philosophical Postscript, by Roger Burggraeve, pp. 110-142).
  • “The Difficult but Possible Path towards Forgiveness and Reconciliation,” in Louvain Studies, 41 (2018)1, pp. 38-63. ("El difficil pero possible camino hacia el pardon y la reconciliación" (tradujo y condense: Anna Ortín), in Selecciones de teología, 2019, Vol. 58, N° 229, Enero-Marzo, pp. 3-18).
  • “Paradigmes pour une éthique pastorale. L’éthique sexuelle chrétienne entre doctrine et réalité,” in Chemchem. Bulletin annuel des Instituts de Philosophie et de Théologie des Salésiens de Don Bosco au Congo (Lubumbashi, RD Congo), 2016, n° 15-16, pp. 217-237.
  • An Ethics of Mercy. On the Way to Meaningful Living and Loving, Leuven/Paris/Bristol, CT, Peeters, 2016, 299 p.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Chair of the Centre for Peace Etrhics KU Leuven (1986-2007) – Honorary Chair (2007- ).
  • Member of several Ethical Committees in Brussels (Healthcare, Social Welfare)
  • Spiritual Director of the International Priest Community – Holy Spirit College (KU Leuven) (2008- ).
  • Visiting Professor: Institut International de Formation en Catéchèse et Pastorale ‘Lumen Vitae’ (Brussels/Namur); Dharmaram College (Bangalore, India); Marymatha Major Seminary (Thrissur, Kerala, India); Papal Seminary (Pune, India).