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Susan Ross

United States
Institution Loyola University Chicago
Position Professor of Theology Emerita
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Recent Publications
  • “Feminist Theology and the Clergy Sex Abuse Crisis,” Theological Studies 80/3 (September 2019), 632-652; Spanish translation: “La teología feminista y la crisis de los abusos sexuales del clero,” in Selecciones de Teología (forthcoming)
  • “Pastor Aeternus at 150,” Horizons, 47/1 (Spring 2020), 127-32.
  • “Gender and Sacramental Theology,” in Martha Moore-Keish and James Farwell, eds., T&T Clark Handbook of Sacraments and Sacramentality (T & T Clark, forthcoming).
  • “The Church as ‘Spotless Bride:’ A Feminist Critique of a Dangerous Metaphor,” in Daniel Minch and Christopher Cimorelli, eds. One Bread, One Body, One Church: The Ecclesia of Christ Today. Annua Nuntia Lovaniensia. (Peeters Press, forthcoming).
  • “Aesthetics and Ethics: Women Religious as Aesthetic and Moral Educators,” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 38/2 (2018), 131-148.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Member, Catholic Theological Society of America, College Theology Society, Society of Christian Ethics
  • Associate Editor, Theological Studies