Enrico Dolazza Travel Fellowship Application

Scholars should complete all of the fields below and email a copy of the photo page of their passport to Andrea Vicini, S.J., at andrea.vicini@bc.edu.

Dolazza Travel Grant Application

Description of Conference or Research Experience

Research project location and/or venue: where will the scholar go? Where teaching, research, teaching and research, lectures, etc. will take place (in the same institution? Elsewhere?)
Participant/s: how the scholar will pursue the research and will interact with other scholars belonging to the CTEWC network? Please indicate the other CTEWC members involved.
Type of research project: please describe the program that is planned (e.g., teaching, research, teaching and research, lectures, conference, workshop, networking, etc.). Please indicate how the proposed project is fostering the mission of CTEWC.

From where to where?

To complete your travel request, indicate

  • for the departure: please indicate the country, city, and airport (or train station for traveling by train)
  • for the arrival: please indicate the country, city, and airport (or train station for traveling by train).


Return Trip

Needs: The scholar is responsible for organizing everything that concerns any needs during the project, i.e., housing, health care, food, VISA requirements, and all research matters (e.g., office, library access, etc.).

Travel: CTEWC will provide air travel tickets solely through the CTEWC travel agents. No ground transportation nor any additional expenses incurred on the flight will be covered by CTEWC. Those expenses, as well as visas, are not covered by CTEWC. For administrative reasons, neither travel reimbursements nor any other reimbursements are possible. To contain costs, travel requests should be submitted no later than three months before the anticipated departure. Exceptions will be granted only in extraordinary circumstances.

With your request form, please send the first page of your passport to Andrea Vicini, SJ, (andrea.vicini@bc.edu). The travel agent needs it to issue the ticket.

After the CTEWC approval and issuing of airline tickets, if the scholars, for any reason (e.g., health, lack of visa, change of plans, etc.), cannot make the trip, they are asked to inform promptly Andrea Vicini, SJ, (andrea.vicini@bc.edu), in order to cancel the airline tickets and recover the cost.

Upon completion of the supported project the scholar will write and submit a report to Andrea Vicini, SJ, (andrea.vicini@bc.edu) describing the experience, its achievements, and the project’s highlights. Moreover, the scholar will provide a short description of the funded project that will be published in CTEWC The First newsletter.