De la Salle University, Manilla

De la Salle University/Saint Vincent School of Theology


Previous scholars:

  • 2015, Patricia Beattie Jung and Shannon Jung (USA)


Because of their Asian Theology Programme, LST would benefit from the presence of other Asian scholars. A mandatum from the local bishop is also required from the candidate.

De la Salle University

Previous Visiting Professor:

  • 2016, Jan Jans (Netherlands)


The Theology and Religious Education Department is available to host a Visiting Professor every other year, subject to the approval of the University.


School Calendar:

  • Term 1: 3rd week of September to 3rd week of December
  • Term 2: 2nd week of January to 3rd week of April
  • Term 3: 3rd week of May to 3rd week of August