Virtual Professor Program

COVID-19 has challenged travel, but it has also further expanded virtual interactions. The CTEWC Virtual Professor program promotes and supports opportunities for scholarly focused interactions among colleagues and institutions across the globe.

On the one hand, colleagues might manifest their interest and availability to:

  • offer an academic lecture (guest lecturer) on a chosen theme (for a course or a public event)
  • join a course to offer a more limited contribution (e.g., an interview)

On the other hand, institutions might request specific forms of interaction and collaboration (e.g., advice, consultation, lectures, panels, etc.).

Hence, these interactions can be fostered by colleagues (e.g., in their courses and various academic initiatives) as well as by academic institutions. Both represent examples that the CTEWC Virtual Professor program encourages.

These opportunities to interact will benefit scholars from the various countries, continents, and institutions. We encourage collaborations between the Global South, the Global North and the Global South, as well the West and the East.

Finally, to support the CTEWC Virtual Professor program and to facilitate these interactions and collaborations, we are ready to help in any possible way (please contact Andrea Vicini, SJ:

Colleagues who are willing to volunteer their expertise:

  • Anne Achieng Ondigo (Kenya/USA) – available for lectures in social ethics and peace processes utilizing soft power.
  • Antonio Autiero, Professor Emeritus of Moral Theology at the University of Münster (Germany) – available for lectures on topics of fundamental moral theology (subject – conscience – norm) and applied ethics, in the field of ethics of affective relationships. CV and list of publications available here.
  • María Isabel Gil Espinosa, profesora de Teología moral, Facultad de Teología de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia) – Estoy disponible para conferencias sobre: Teología moral fundamental, Teología moral social, Teología moral sexual, y sobre temas de Bioética. Para consultar Cvlac.
  • Aldo Marcelo Cáceras (España) – Doctorado en Ciencias de las Religiones. Dispuesto a colaborar desde las áreas de Teología Moral (todas las áreas), Doctrina Social de la Iglesia, Bioética, Ética, Profesiones.
  • James McTavish (Scotland/Philippines) – available for occasional scheduled lectures in selected topics from fundamental moral, morality & spirituality, bioethics and sexual ethics. Please see lists of ‘Presentations’ and ‘Publications’ on his CV for specific interests.
  • Dawn M. Nothwehr (United States) – available to entertain a wide variety of foci and formats in consultation with the host colleague and/or institution. Specialties in fundamental moral theology, environmental ethics (particularly from the Franciscan perspective), and racial justice.
  • Anthonia Bolanle Ojo (Nigeria) – available for lectures on Catholic Social Teaching, Ecological Ethics, and Sexual Ethics, with particular interests listed on her CV.