Public Scholarship

“Short and to the Point: Writing for a General Audience”

At this training, sponsored by CTEWC open to all CTSA members, journalist and Emory University Professor of Practice in Creative Writing Hank Klibanoff will introduce the art of writing for the general public to help make your work accessible for a general audience. Learn how to identify your audience and to engage them by leading with anecdotes, leveraging the narrative of your own work, and focusing on a single message without over-simplifying. The session is capped at 30 participants, to be held: Thursday, June 9,12:45-2:45pm, at the Sheraton Atlanta. Registration is now open via CTSA conference registration.

Media 101 Training

In January 2022 at the Society of Christian Ethics, CTEWC’s North American region hosted a Media 101 training for theological ethicists interested in sharing their academic expertise in the public square.