Virtual Tables

As a network, CTEWC seeks to facilitate and promote debate among theological ethicists. This takes place via meetings, conferences and other forms of encounter. Here we offer a new format: virtual tables. In regular video conferences, ethicists from different regions of the world come together to discuss a topic. A virtual table works over a longer period of time (initially one year) in order to enable a serious and continuous discussion of the topic.

As a discussion forum, the virtual table is an end in itself. Nevertheless, the groups can decide whether they want to plan further joint projects (book project, workshop, etc.). In the First and on the CTEWC website, the virtual tables will provide quarterly information about their work.

The first round of the virtual tables started in December 2019. Interested persons can apply to the organizers of the virtual table in which they are interested. We ask also that all virtual table co-leaders and participants register with the CTEWC network directory.

Inquiries about Virtual Tables can be sent to James Keenan ( or Suzanne Mulligan (

Current Virtual Tables:

Engaging Synodality: A Call to Higher Education and Theological Ethicists

Co-Chairs: Maria Cimperman, RSCJ (USA), Kevin Ahern (USA), Stephanie Ann Puen (Philippines) and Victor Carmona (USA).

Pursuing Health: Self-Care, Fidelity, Justice, & Mercy

Co-Chairs: Mary M. Doyle Roche (USA), Anne Celestine Ondigo (Kenya), Virginia Ryan (USA)

Migración y fronteras en América
Chair: Jutta Battenberg (Mexico)
Participants: Víctor Carmona (US), Rafael Luciani (Venezuela/US), Elvy Monzant (Red Clamor), Hilda Ortiz (Mexico), Luis Jesús Paz Acosta (El Salvador), Miguel Ángel Sánchez (Mexico), Benjamin Schwab (El Salvador), Eduardo Soto (SJR-Venezuela), María Cristina Ventura (Costa Rica).
Nonviolence and Just Peace
Co-Chairs: Jasmin Nario-Galace (Philippines) and Eli McCarthy (US)
Participants: Sami Basha (Palestine/Italy), Marie Dennis (US), Nontando Hadebe (South Africa), Maureen O’Connell (US), Maria Clara Bingemer (Brazil), Shawnee Daniels-Sykes (US), Lilian Ehidiamhen (Belgium/Nigeria), Nichole Flores (US), Leocadie Lushombo (DRC/US), Maritas Guingona Africa (Philippines).

Reproductive Justice and the Common Good

Co-Chairs: Emily Reimer-Barry (US) and Simeiqi He (China/US)

Responses to the Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Catholic Church- Perspectives from Theological Ethics– Entering Phase 2

Co-Chairs: Dan Fleming and James Keenan

Participants: Antonio Autiero (Germany), Leonida Katunge (Kenya), Eric Genilo (Philippines), Marcus Pound (UK), Lisa Sowle Cahill (US), Gill Goulding (Canada), James McEvoy (Australia), Lawrence Daka Chishawasha (Zimbabwe), Shaji George Kochuthara (India), Dawn Eden Goldstein (US), Nuala Kenny (Canada), Neil Omerod (Australia), Claudia Leal Luna (Chile), Stephanie Puen (Philippines), Carolina Montero (Chile), Eamon Conway (Ireland), Jochen Sautermeister (Germany), Marcus Mescher (US), John Sheveland (US), Kate Jackson-Meyer (US), Dolores López Guzmán (Spain).

Regional Virtual Tables:

Ethical Leadership in Africa: Beyond the Covid-19 Global Health Crisis

Co-Chairs: Toussaint Kafarhire, Odomaro Mubangizi

Participants: Elisabeth Nduku, Emmanuel Bueya, Nora Nonterah, Anthonia B. Ojo, Solange Ngah, Anne Celestine Achieng, Leocadie Lushombo, Laurenti Magesa, Bienvenu Mayemba, Bridgita Mwawasi, Jude Likori, John Bosco Kamoga, SimonMary Aihiokai, Stan Chu Ilo, Teresa Kiragu.

Africa: Global Public Health, Social Ethics, and Theology

Co-Chairs: Toussaint Kafarhire Murhula, S.J., Armel Klarc Setubi, S.J., Yannick Essenge, S.J.

Asian-Oceanian Region Virtual Table
A small group has formed an Asian-Oceanian regional virtual table. Foci of the table include: inviting new representatives to join the virtual table from different countries; inviting new members from the region to join CTEWC, particularly from under-represented countries; providing mentorship and support for women and junior scholars in the region; Virtual Tables for women and junior scholars in the region; and continuing the CTEWC Asian Theological Ethics Books Series.
The virtual table includes: Agnes Brazal (Philippines), Eric Genilo (Philippines), Dan Fleming (Australia), Vimala Chenginimattam (India), Mathew Illathuparampil (India), Shaji George Kochuthara (India), Mary Yuen (Hong Kong), Sharon Bong (Singapore), Osamu Takeuchi (Japan), Vimal Tirimanna (Sri Lanka), Stan Alla (India), Jijo T. Varghese (India), Caroline Ong (Australia), Angelo Aseneta (Philippines), Pip McIlroy (Australia), Stephanie Ann Puen (Philippines), Simeiqui He (China).
Latin American-Caribbean Regional Virtual Table

As a leadership group, these members are organizing themselves as a Virtual Table in order to continue their dialogue, growth, and fostering the integration of theological ethicists in the region. The main goal is to promote new collaborative work in the region and expand its relationship with old and new partners.

Members are: Alexandre A. Martins (chair) and Ronaldo Zacharias (Brazil), Jutta Battenberg (Mexico), Pablo Blanco and Anibal Torres (Argentina), Verónica Anguita (Chile), Isabel Gil Espinosa (Colombia), Edwin Vasquez (Peru) and MT Davila (Puerto Rico).

Asian-Oceanian Junior Scholars Virtual Table – now forming (September 2020)
Climate Change – Livestock Farming – Animal Ethics- The (missing) voice of the Church (on hold)

Please note: the number of participants is limited in order to ensure the ability to work. We therefore ask for your understanding if participation in a certain case may not be possible.

There is also a form to propose new virtual tables here.