Lúcás Chan Scholarship for Doctoral Studies at DVK


A committee is set up at DVK to select candidates for the scholarship. The committee consists of two faculty members each from the departments of moral theology and biblical theology at DVK.

Applications forms may be obtained from the DVK office/Dean’s office/convenor of the committee.

Applications shall be sent to Shaji George Kochuthara, the convenor.

Committee will meet in the first week of June to select the candidate. Three applicants, according to the preference, will be selected.

With the approval of the DVK president, the names and details will be sent to James F. Keenan, CTEWC Founder, who will decide to whom the scholarship may be granted.

In the awarding of the scholarship, due representation must be ensured to candidates from the department of moral theology and the department of biblical theology. Similarly, men and women may be given due representation.

Recipients to date:

1. Jijo T. Varghese

2. Maria Augustine 

3. Nelson Mathew 

4. Jovit Maria