Enrico Dolazza Travel Fellowship

As of April 1, 2023, the Dolazza Fellowship is temporarily suspended. We are not reviewing applications at this time. New guidelines will be issued shortly.

The CTEWC Enrico Dolazza Travel Fellowship for visiting scholars aims to support travel of scholars belonging to the CTEWC network for conferences and collaborative research in specific institutional locations as well as short-term visits for international conferences (either CTEWC-sponsored or other conferences) that engage other members of the CTEWC network and that foster the mission of CTEWC as well as the scholarly work and collaborations across the planet among members of the CTEWC network. In terms of research locations, CTEWC encourages interactions within the Global South and within the Global North, between the Global North and the Global South, as well the West and the East. Each scholar is responsible for submitting a project in a specific location and making their own needed arrangements (i.e., housing, food, visa requirements, etc.). The fellowship only covers the air travel and not any ground transportation to and from airports or any other costs incurred on flights. Upon submission of a research project to CTEWC and after its approval, CTEWC will coordinate the airline booking with our travel agent who will do the booking of all our funded flights. For administrative reasons, neither travel reimbursements nor any other reimbursements are possible.

All scholars interested in benefiting from the CTEWC Enrico Dolazza Travel Fellowship for visiting scholars should complete the application form (not available at this time). Upon completion of the supported project the scholar will write and submit a short report to Andrea Vicini, SJ, (andrea.vicini@bc.edu) describing the experience, its achievements, and the project’s highlights. Previous Dolazza Fellowship recipients have shared their experiences here. Moreover, the scholar will provide a short description of the funded project that will be published in CTEWC The First newsletter.