Dharmaram College, Bangalore

Program Offered

Dharmaram’s visiting professor program primarily consists of teaching and lecturing. Teaching is in English for post-graduate/licentiate students. Courses are 30 hours of lecture (10-15 hours per week) in addition to guided work. Compensation of 300 Indian Rupees per hour is offered. Specific course titles and content will be discussed with Dharmaram. This program also offers optional opportunities to lecture for doctoral students and interactive sessions with staff members.

Research facilities are also available at Dharmaram and at other institutions on campus, mainly Christ University, for the length of stay. Library access is available and, in lieu of office space, a library cabin can be arranged.

Seeking Scholars

The scholars invited to apply for this visiting professor program are mid-career, senior, or retired professors. This is not a program for post-doc or junior faculty. Dharmaram can accept lay or religious men and women. A spouse and up to one child can be accommodated for the length of the program. Inquiries about a professor exchange between Dharmaram and the visiting professor’s home institution are welcome.

Length of Program

Dharmaram offers a 2-4 week opportunity for visiting professors, though can be longer (up to 2-3 months).

  • 1st semester: first week of June to last week of September
  • 2nd semester: first week of November to last week of February

Program Logistics

Languages spoken locally in Bangalore include Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam. The housing provided for visiting professors is a self-contained single room or double room for a spouse/family. Emergency medical care can be arranged, but no health care is offered by the institution. In most cases, a tourist visa is needed. Flights for this program will be arranged through CTEWC or the visiting professor’s institution.

Future Scholars

  • Mary Jo Iozzio (June-August 2021)
  • James F. Keenan, SJ (June-August 2021)

Contact Information

Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Pontifical Athenaeum of Philosophy, Theology, and Canon Law

Bangalore 560029 India


Contact: Shaji George Kochuthara, CMI, kochuthshaji@gmail.com