*Teresia Hinga


Teresia Hinga (PhD)

Associate Professor, Santa  Clara University

Department of Religious Studies

Dr. Hinga received a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) in English Literature and Religious Studies ,  and an   M.A. in Religious Studies from Nairobi University. She attained her   PHD in  Religious Studies (focusing on Gender in African Christianity ) from  Lancaster  University,  England. Her  scholarly / research interests include Women and Religion as well as   Religion and  the public square . She is a member of the AAR,(American Academy of Religion) a Founder Member of  AASR (African Association for the Study of Religion) , as well as a    founder member of the Circle of Concerned Women Theologians (founded in 1989)  . She has taught in various places in Africa and the US including  Kenyatta University Nairobi (1978-1980, 1986-1993),   bi,  Illiff School of Theology Denver (winter 1994) , Harvard Divinity School(1991-1992) ,  DePaul University(1994-2005)  and since 2005,  Santa Clara University . Here she   teaches courses on African Religion, Feminist Theologies , and Religion and Ethics  of  Globalization  as well as Religion and Contemporary Moral Issues .  Her research includes Religion and the Public Square as well as  Religion , Gender and Sustainability Ethics  focusing on issues of Poverty  and Food Security . Recently Involved in a Collaborative  research project on Women , Religion and Transitional Justice with case studies  that included Rwanda and Post Apartheid South Africa.  She has participated in the Catholic ETHICS in THE WORLD Church since 2006 and has published essays in 2 books in the series associated with this initiative.