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Dawn M Nothwehr

United States
Institution Catholic Theological Union
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Recent Publications
  • Books:
  • Ecological Footprints: An Essential Franciscan Guide to Sustainable Living, Liturgical Press, 2012.
  • That They May Be One: Catholic Social Teaching on Racism, Tribalism, and Xenophobia, Orbis Books, 2008 ; Catholic Press Association Award – 2009.
  • A Franciscan View of the Human Person: Some Central Elements, Vol. 3, Franciscan Intellectual Tradition Series, The Franciscan Institute, 2005.
  • Franciscan Theology of the Environment: An Introductory Reader, Franciscan Press, 2002.
  • Mutuality: A Formal Norm for Christian Social Ethics, Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2005.
  • Book Chapters :
  • “When ‘Knowledge’ is Simply ‘All Wet’ and ‘Ignorance’ is Bliss,” in Jung and Jung, eds. Moral Issues and Christian Responses, Revised Edition (Fortress Press, 2012), 276-282.
  • “Bonaventure’s Franciscan Christology: A Resource for Eco-Conversion,” in Schaefer, ed. Confronting the Climate Crisis (Marquette University Press, 2011), 101-123.
  • “Defining “Racisms: Understanding Our Globalized, Terrorized, Ecologically Threatened World,” in Vethanayagamony and Chia, eds., Mission After Christendom: Emergent Themes in Contemporary Mission (Westminster John Knox, 2010), 115-127.
  • “The Catholic Position Against Torture: It Is NEVER Justified – Mea Culpa!.” in Bill Mefford, ed. Faithful Against Torture. (United Methodist Church, 2009), 7-10.
  • “From Ontology, Ecology, and Normativity to Mutuality: The Attitude and Principle that Roots the Consistent Ethic of Life” in Thomas A. Nairn, ed. The Consistent Ethic of Life: Assessing Its Reception and Relevance, (Orbis Books, 2008) 132-151.
  • “The Kogi Máma’s Ecological Ethics: Lessons for Christians,” in Pullapilly, ed. Christianity and Native Cultures: Perspectives from Different Regions of the World, Vol. XIII, Church in the World Series, (Cross Cultural Publications, 2004), 481-518.