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Radoslav Lojan

Institution Faculty of theology in Kosice
Position Dean
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Recent Publications
  • Embodied Subjectivity and Ethical Responsibility for Terminally Ill Patients. Prohuman, 2009-2014, ISSN 1338-1415. September 9, 2014.
  • This article explores an ethical responsibility for treating the whole body in palliative care. When a terminally ill patient is facing a serious illness, they need relief: relief from pain and relief from stress and many other symptoms. Health care professionals often think that Palliative and Hospice Care need to focus on improving patients’ ability to tolerate aggressive medical treatments. But terminally ill patients themselves feel the need for more than just medical or psychological support. They need also bodily or embodied support from all involved into their care. More at:
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • My work and research in bioethics is based on the assumption that human life is sacred and that each person has inherent dignity.
  • Strongest skills: effective communication, presentation, and education, especially in explaining various bioethics topics.
  • My goal is to continue to develop my career as a professional consultant on matters of ethics/bioethics in our society today.
  • Specialties: Work and research in Ethics/Bioethics (Network of bioethics in the US, Canada and EU): sexual ethics; medical ethics and health care ethics; bioethics educational resources.
  • Proficient in languages: Slovak, English (Compétence professionnelle), French (Compétence professionnelle limitée), Czech, Italian (Compétence limitée).
  • ORCID 0000-0001-8657-124X