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Sami Basha

Institution American University of Sicily - AUS
Position President
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Recent Publications
  • Basha S., The Palestinian Christians' Incarnated Contribution, a bridge for dialogue and reconciliation in a context of conflict. Phôs. (Forthcoming 2020).).
  • Basha S., Pedagogy of Liberation, A Palestinian perspective. Cultivating new ways to engage each other in a context of conflict. Erickson, Orientamenti Pedagogici. Vol. 64, n. 1, January – March 2017. Pp. 53-69.
  • Una pedagogia olistica e di frontiera; Jacqueline Sfeir (2016).in, Storia della Pedagogia Speciale. L’origine, Lo sviluppo, la differenziazione. A cura di, Piero Crispiani. ETS. (ISBN: 9788846743596).
  • Basha S., Educative network’s role in reinforcing the academic development in the Palestinian universities. Reflective model toward productivity and innovation in teaching and learning. The Education and Science Journal. Vol. 7, 2016.
  • Basha S., Adapting the Critical Thinking Assessment Test for Palestinian Universities. Journal of Education and Learning. Vol. 5, No. 2, 2016.
  • Basha S., La persona funzionante, esempio positivo in un contesto di conflitto, in “Pedagogia clinica”, n. 17 (n. 32 - anno XVI), (2015, pp. 57-68).
  • Basha S., Christian Inclusion in Educational and Economical Development in Palestine Socio-Cultural and Economical Challenges in a Context of Conflict. Italian Journal of Special Education for Inclusion, anno I | n. 2 | 2013. Pp. 149 – 164.
  • Basha S., Scelte civili e non violente in Terra Santa. Verso una pedagogia della liberazione, in Per una cultura di pace in Terra Santa, Unicatt-Università Cattolica di Milano, (Dicembre 2009).
  • Basha S., Giustizia, sviluppo e pace: dalla Populorum progressio una proposta educativa per la Palestina, in “La Terra Santa”, anno LXXX, genn./feb. 2004, pp. 20-25.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • Founder of the American Unviersity of Sicily as an association that will launch the first research university that deal with topics related to the Mediterranean regions.
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar, Northwestern University, Searle Center for research USA working on a research to promote critical thinking skills in the Palestinian higher education.
  • pedagogical consultant on local and international institutions (AMIDEAST, USAID, UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, WORLD BANK).
  • "2011 Teaching and Learning Award” AMIDEAST
  • Member of the Italian Society for Special Education (SIPES)
  • Member of ANPEC (National Association of Italian clincal Pedagogists)
  • 2013 DISES award from the Council for Exceptional Children in the United States