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Stephanie Ann Puen

Institution Ateneo de Manila University
Position Assistant Professor
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Recent Publications
  • “Catholic Social Thought and Design Thinking: Putting the Option for the Poor into Practice,” The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, forthcoming.
  • “Promoting Ignatian Values in Teaching Economics: Reconciling the Standard Microeconomic Theory of Individual Preference-Maximizing Behavior with the Catholic Social Norms of Cooperation,” Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South. Co-authored with Joselito T. Sescon, Philip Arnold P. Tuaño, Rachel Joyce Marie O. Sanchez, and Jaime A. Acevedo, forthcoming.
  • “Hope and Despair in Today’s World: Avery Dulles and Filipino Youth.” in The Survival of Dulles: Reflections on A Second Century of Influence. Ed. Michael Canaris, New York: Fordham University Press, 2021. 94-104.
  • “Educational Evaluation – Understanding the Principles and Process” in The Ashoka U Changemaker Education Evaluation Compendium. Co-authored with Ann Higgins-D’Alessandro. Ed. Hattie Duplechain, New York: Ashoka U, 2019. 14-25.
  • "Addressing the Anthropology of Business Ethics: Insights from Catholic Social Thought," Journal of Religion and Business Ethics 4: Art. 8 (2019),
  • “Women and Labor in Food Production: Insights from the Vocation of the Business Leader and the Fair Trade Movement” in Foodscapes: Beyond the Food Environment—A Feminist Theological Take on Food Issues in Asia. Ed. Kristine C. Meneses and Christine E. Burke, IBVM. Bengaluru, India: Dharmaram Publications, 2019. 155-176.
  • "Gender, Inculturation, and the Ecclesiology of Communion in the Philippine Church and Liturgy” in The 21st Century Woman Still Claiming Her Space: Asian Feminist Theological Perspectives. Co-authored with Rachel Joyce Marie O. Sanchez. Ed. Virginia Saldanha and Metti Amirtham, SCC. Delhi, India: Media House, 2018. 226-242.
  • “Vocation and Work in the Spirit: Understanding Charisms in Relation to Work and Vocation” in Perspectives in the Arts and Humanities 6:1 (2016), 107 – 123.
  • “Deconstructing and Expanding Gender Roles: Theological Reflections on Women and Local Disaster Response” in Budhi: A Journal of Ideas and Culture 19:1 (2015), 49 – 80. Co-authored with Rachel Joyce Marie O. Sanchez.
Professional Activities and Affiliations
  • The Society of Christian Ethics (2020-present)