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A Gift from our Holy Father

Lúcás was born as a “gift” from God to our family nearly 47 years ago. Because of Lúcás’ birth, our family (Grandmum, Mum, Dad, Vita, and I) could move from a small apartment of about 60 square feet to a flat of nearly 200 square feet in a public housing estate in Hong Kong. At that time, it required at least a total number of 6 family members before we could apply for an equivalent size public flat.


Lúcás studied in a Catholic primary school in his youth. He was talkative, very talkative without pause! He was usually talking a lot on the way home during his childhood. He was, however, very self-disciplined and punctual.  You may not believe this,  but he had put on his school uniform before sleeping in winter time in order to save time and avoid being late to school in the morning.


He was very independent. He chose his high school, Ying Wa College (a Christian high school), that he wanted to study there even though our parents had asked him to study in the Catholic secondary school I was attending.


Lúcás then selected the education profession as his starting career and studied in the College of Education immediately after high school. Wah Yan College, Kowloon, a Jesuit high school in Hong Kong, was the one where he had taught for 2 to 3 years after graduating from the College, and before going to Singapore for his initial training as a Jesuit.


Lúcás knew what he needed from his calling and what he aimed at under the guidance of our Holy Father. His self-understanding and strong desire to learn and achieve new things facilitated him in moving forward in his life.


Lúcás played different types of sports from his teenage period.  For instance, marathon, jogging, swimming, table-tennis, and the most recent one, gym-exercise that he aimed at keeping fit. He ate healthy food, and no fat or no pork. 


He was an optimistic and ethusiastic gentleman with a strong sense of humor most of the time. He liked funny things and films. He loved and respected the life of both human beings and animals, especially cats. We had one named ‘Tiger’ when we grew up from childhood to become adults.


He made friends easily from different walks of life because of his warm and friendly style and instant rapport building approach. And he always made fun with my children whenever they got together.


Lúcás’ sudden passing away in the peak of adulthood does make us experience shock and feel sad. However, his life is not measured in length. Lúcás’ life was fruitful, wonderful, graceful, and faithful throughout. Not solely did he talk the walk via teaching and preaching, but he also walked the talk in his life.


Very seldom does our family, a traditional Chinese family, verbally say how much we love each other. On behalf of my parents, my sister Vita, my wife Vincy, my daughter Siobhan, and my younger son, Thomas–as he named himself, I would say “we love you Lúcás forever, and we are proud of you in our family. “


May Lúcás rest in our Holy Father and in the eternal life. 

Charles Chan