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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

The global nations are walking towards an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI revolution has direct impact on the intellectual formation of Generation AI. Consequently, they must be equipped not only to collaborate with AI tools but also to compliment them in order to survive this technological upheaval. The AI machines outlined by nations have both positive and negative consequences in the life of individuals, in business, in healthcare, in agriculture and in politics. This article aims to reflect on ethical issues related to the employment of Artificial Intelligence.

The application of AI is various: in automated cars, facial and object recognition, virtual voice auxiliaries, digital media to verify fake news and understand foul language hidden in comments, promoting brands, help shoppers to discover products with recommended size and color. In healthcare, fitness appliances like, watches, fitness bands to detect the health levels, discovery and formation of medicines that can cure harmful or even fatal diseases, robotic assistant faster diagnosis and surgery are becoming common. Outer space exploration like map-building, satellite navigation and location tracking technology are very common and helpful to reach anywhere. AI has also a vital role in education; to automatic grading and assessment, preparing the report cards of students, by understanding the needs of every student, teachers can prepare a tailor-made study plan, make learning more fun and interesting, arrange online classes to the students located anywhere and at any time etc. In agricultural field, AI based robotic machines can do bulk harvesting, to predict the best time to sow, to detect the spot for underground water source. In this modern era, the security of personal data is crucial. Increasing cyber exploitation and potential bug can be determined by Automatic Exploit Generation bot.

The disadvantages of AI open more possibilities for ethical questions. Cost of implementation is high; it leads to vast unemployment and make humans lazy. There is lack of personal thinking and calculations, lack of personal interactions and social contact. Errors or failure in automated vehicle cause a collision. So, one may not be able to reach the destination on time, even may cause for the death of many. Though there are many advantageous, many experienced that the satellite navigation leads people through narrow and dangerous roads. Even some families met with accidents. Who is responsible for when an innocent person is convicted of a crime based on evidence from facial recognition/detection? AI opens more possibilities for misuse of our identifiable data. Systems remain under the constant threat of hacking personal data. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal held in 2010 indicates that AI can be used to target and manipulate individual voters through the app called “This is Your Digital Life.” In the near history we came to know that companies had utilized millions of Facebook profiles to do their modeling.[1]

The above-mentioned adverse effects are seriously taken for our ethical consideration. People lose their trust in social media and benefits of techniques. Misuse of personal data is a great crime, it is against the dignity of persons, their privacy, and rights. Even though one wants to prove the fact that, those who have more political power twist the truth. In the case of robotic assisted surgery, the personnel involved need proper knowledge of its functions. if any failure happens to identify the cause whether it was machines or an operator’s fault is difficult. Hence, the question arises about who should be responsible for the actions of AI. The usage of advanced Brain Computer Interface (BCI) involves bias and controls an individual’s intentions. The transparency of laboratory result is a question. In satellite navigation and location tracking technology, though, it’s prudent use is beneficial, how many accidents are happening by driving just following the short cut roads, even falling to lakes and canals.

The complexity of Al is more appealing to a modern digitalized world, especially for a younger generation. But the ability to innovative thinking of human beings and even God given potentials can slowly be replaced by manmade instruments. It is crucial to uphold and to ensure that humans whom God created with practical intellect have the upper hand in the decision-making process. It is important to maintain human control and responsibility over the AI process and implement authoritarian approaches including legal liability.

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