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The Rigging of the Philippine National Election 2022: COMELEC Duped the Nation and the Nation was Cheated

When the Philippine national election 2022 ended with Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and Sara Duterte winning overwhelmingly over the Opposition, and VP Leni declaring her defeat, finding no evidence of election fraud, based on the advice of her lawyers, the lights went out for all democracy fighters. It was the end of the road, and the beginning of another Marcos regime, with Sara Duterte as VP who is already poised to take over the reins after six years, and perhaps a son of Marcos, or a sibling of Duterte to follow her.

A dark scenario to reckon with, until three wise men appeared on the scene, who, following the star of truth, exposed the election fraud. They called themselves TNTrio—the acronym TNT, standing for Truth and Transparency, and Trio, referring to three Information Technology experts who ripped into the election fraud behind the landslide win of Marcos-Duterte.  They have formidable credentials:  Retired General Brigadier Eliseo M. Rio, Jr. was a former Chairman of the National TeleCommunications Commission, and the former Secretary of the Department of Information and Communications Technology and simultaneously served as Chair of the COMELEC Advisory Council. He was also the Group Commander of the Technical Intelligence Group (MIG21) of ISAFP.  Mr. Augusto C. Lagman was one of the pioneers of Systems Technology Institute (STI) and former President of the Philippine Computer Society. He was a former Commissioner of the COMELEC and served as member, Chairman and President of NAMFREL for almost 4 decades. Mr. Franklin F.Ysaac is the President of the Franklin Financials Consultancy, Phil., Inc. and was the President of FINEX (Financial Executive Institute of the Philippines) in 2004.  Confluence of events brought these three wise men, who did not know each other personally, together at the same side of the battlefield, fighting for the same cause—the truth and integrity of the Philippine National Election of 2022.

The TNTRio questioned the 20 million+ votes shown to the public as counted by the Transparency Server at 8:02 after the polls closed at 7 p.m. COMELEC General Instructions (GI) Resolution 10762 promulgated on February 16, 2022 for the May 9, 2022 Election required 9 major tasks to be done by the Election Board before transmitting the precinct’s ER (Election Result) after the voting closed. The time required to accomplish all these 9 tasks, the longest of which is the printing of eight copies of the ER (Election Return) is around 19 minutes, based on the official COMELEC Hands-On Lecture Demo Video of VCM (Voting Counting Machine) operations for the 2022 Election, as contrary to the 8 minutes COMELEC said it took before the VCM transmissions started. COMELEC is clearly contradicting its own Demo Video.

Just an hour after voting closed at 7 p.m., Retired General Brigadier Rio, Jr., or Sir Rio from hereon, said that “an incredible 20M+ votes were counted, the highest number of votes ever counted in the first hour in our election history, if not in the whole world. And in that hour, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., the earliest transmissions of ERs (Election Returns) could only occur by 7:19, making that record breaking count of 20M+ in just 41 minutes! And as astounding is that in the second hour, from 8 p.m., the votes counted unexplainably dropped to just 13.2+ votes when all tasks required in the GI (General Instructions) would have been done on the first hour.”

While millions were not able to vote, the election of the President and Vice President was fait accompli, in that first hour alone, as what followed in a four-day counting period, was this uncanny vote ratios for all candidates for Presidency and VP that hardly changed.  Sir Rio said that “such results can only be programmed, and whoever manipulated the TS (Transparency Server) results knew what the “official” results of the election will be even before counting began.”

COMELEC said that the incredible speed of election returns was largely because they were successful in setting up the system for speed. The TNTRio, however, were not questioning the fast rate of the VCM  transmissions from the precincts as this can be done with technology as we have now, but what was incredulous to them was the exact time the fast rate of transmissions started at 7:08 P.M, after the polls closed at 7 p.m., for it was impossible as aforementioned, as it takes at least 19 minutes for all the administrative matters required by COMELEC to be completed before any transmission can start. But what is more astounding if not alarming is that the votes being counted by the Transparency Server in that first hour were more than what the VCMS from the precincts were transmitting, when this process is synchronized to the minutest second. This was exposed by COMELEC itself when the Chair showed the actual accumulated VCM transmissions to the public on Oct. 18, 2022, at a forum sponsored by the Ateneo de Manila University, in which they themselves got their hands caught in the cookie jar.

COMELEC’s Oct. 18, 2022 graph showed that VCM transmissions peaked at the second hour after transmissions started, which diametrically is in conflict with the Transparency Count that peaked in the first hour in their March 23, 2023 graph, where at 8:02pm an incredible 20 M+ votes were counted by the Transparency Server, when only 12M+ votes were transmitted at the same time by the VCM. The Transparency Server was counting 8 M votes more than what the VCMS were transmitting which is indubitably fraudulent. The Transparency Server was fabricating votes in the first hour of counting to establish firmly the landslide win of Marcos and Duterte.  IF Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) and the NAMFREL-LENTE’s Random Manual Audit (RMA) in their parallel count validated the COMELEC count, it is because they were basing their count on the same fabricated data. They became involuntary accomplices of the COMELEC fraud.

TNTRio posed two challenges to COMELEC. First, that COMELEC was to demonstrate in public how their system can accomplish all the Election requirements in 8 minutes against 19 minutes before any VCM can transmit.  Second, that COMELEC publish the transparency data that were the basis of the “Accumulated VCM Transmissions” graph that COMELEC presented to the public, where it showed that the Transparency Server peaked at 20 M votes in the first hour, when the VCM count only transmitted 12M in the same first hour. The COMELEC failed to meet both challenges. After 6 months of waiting for COMELEC to publish the transmission logs, the TNTRio filed a Mandamus petition to the Supreme Court to compel COMELEC to abide by its constitutional duty to transparency and truth. SC gave COMELEC ten days to meet the Mandamus, which they failed to do.

If COMELEC has the transmission logs of the 20M+, they would have immediately published them. Apparently they did not have them, because what they submitted on March 23,2023 to Sir Rio and Ret. Colonel Leonardo Odoño, who declared that he was going to file an impeachment case against the 5 COMELEC Commissioners in Congress, were not transmission logs but reception logs. This further eroded the credibility of COMELEC and exacerbated the growing suspicion that it systematically duped the nation. Did COMELEC really have those 20M votes?

In the Public Online Forum on April 15, “Ano ang Kabuluhan ng Pandaraya sa Election at ng Mandamus Case sa Buhay Mo?” Sir Rio presented DIRECT EVIDENCE of fraud, beyond the preponderance of circumstantial evidence, using physical evidence of data which COMELEC itself uploaded on its site, which it deceitfully said were transmission logs but were actually reception logs.  In his presentation, Sir Rio showed how the Transparency Server posted ER (Election Returns) before they were even transmitted by the VCM precincts. There was one case when the Transparency Server posted ER 2 hours even before VCM transmitted them. How can the Transparency Server show what it has not yet received, except that it was pre-loaded.

The latest vlog of Maharlika, a former BFF of Lisa Marcos, an insider of the Marcos inner circle, who has turned into a whistle blower, confirms TNTRio’s observations that Election 2022 was rigged. In the video clip showing the conversation between Lisa and Maharlika on May 8, a day before the election, Lisa already knew what the results of the election will be. To make up for some thing that went awry about Maharlika’s ticket to the Miting de Avance which made Maharlika angry, Lisa invited her to an undisclosed location to witness a “secret counting session like a PPCRV” at 7 p.m. of May 9, after voting has closed, where Maharlika can make a scoop of the winning of BBM which she can post on her vlog by 9 p.m. of May 9.

Sir Rio posted the searing question: “Why was Lisa so sure that BBM would have won by 9 PM as of May 9, a day before the Election? Why was she so sure that she even offered this event as an exclusive “gift” to make up with Maharlika? How could she have predicted the Transparency Server Results shown to the public in those two hours after voting closed would be favorable to her husband? Madame Lisa, is this what you did last summer?”

The answer to this question is TNTRIO’s declaration that “the results of the Transparency Server were statistically, mathematically, and logically highly improbable, if not impossible. Whoever manipulated the Transparency Server results knew what the “official” results of the election will be even BEFORE counting began.”

COMELEC duped the nation and the nation was duped.   Senator Lee Rhiannon, Commissioner of the Philippine Election 2022 International Observer Mission declared: “The evidence is overwhelming… Marcos Jr. and Sara Duterte were not elected legitimately.”