Hekima University College, Nairobi

Program Offered

The Hekima Visiting Professor Program offers several options for lecturing and teaching at these affiliated schools: Jesuit School of Theology (JST), the Faculty of Theology of the Jesuits of Africa and Madagascar (FTJAM), and Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR). Teaching opportunities are not stipended, and can include lecturing to undergraduates, teaching courses for MA Peace Studies and International Relations students, and supervision of MTh/STL theses in the January-May term. Course offerings could include:

  • Fundamental Moral Theology
  • Sexual Morality
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Peace Studies
  • Electives in biomedical ethics are always welcome

While teaching, visiting professors are provided an office, library access, and invited to do research. The Hekima library has excellent resources in African theology and the social sciences, and access to the collections at a consortium of other Catholic institutions’ libraries. The Hekima library has a good and reliable internet connection with access to online journals.

Seeking Scholars

Hekima invites applicants from single, lay or religious women and men. There are opportunities for post-doc, mid-career, senior, and retired faculty members. Couples and families are discouraged as accommodations cannot be provided. With advance arrangements, a faculty exchange between Hekima and the visiting professor’s institution may be possible. A mandatum is required to teach in the Faculty of Theology of the Jesuits of Africa and Madagascar; the other two institutions have no ecclesial requirements.

Length of Program

Visiting professors may teach a core course for a full semester (15 weeks), seminars (10 weeks), or electives (7 weeks). Course lecturing is about 3 hours per week, plus grading of assignments and exams.

  • First semester: third week of August – third week of December (mid-term break in the second week of October)
  • Second semester:  first week of January – third week fo May (mid-term break last week of February)

Program Logistics

English and Kishwahili are the primary local languages, with courses offered in English. About 40% of students also speak French. Accommodations for religious men are a self-contained room in the Jesuit community, including meals with the Jesuits. For religious sisters and lay people, accommodations are a self-contained room in visiting faculty housing. (Accomodations for couples and families are not provided, but nearby housing could be sought at the visiting scholar’s expense.) Visitors should have health insurance, and are able to visit local practitioners or doctors during their stay. A three-month visitor’s visa can be obtained at the airport upon arrival; normally, this is renewable. Logistics for a flight will be arranged following acceptance to the program.

Previous Visiting Professors

  • 2015, Joseph Selling (Belgium)
  • 2016, Lisa Fullam (JST, Berkeley, USA)

Contact Information

Hekima University College, Nairobi, Kenya




Contact: Peter Knox, SJ, academics@hekima.ac.ke