New Resources in Theological Anthropology

In Fall 2023, the assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome issued a synthesis document that summarized Continental Stage of the synodal process, entitled Expand the Space of Your Tent, and posed questions for reflection during 2023-2024. Among other things, it called for new theological anthropologies that “grasp the complexity of the elements emerging from experience or knowledge in the sciences” (III.15.g) and “[integrate] them into a more mature synthesis” (III.14.h). In particular, the synthesis authors were interested in theological anthropologies that might help the global Church reflect morally on “bodiliness” (III.15.g): issues of gender and sexuality, and the meaning of being human within an interdependent order of creation, as in Laudato Si’.

In March 2024, the declaration Dignitas Infinita was released, elaborating on the theology of human dignity, a central theme of Catholic moral teaching for over 130 years. Yet it did not answer specific challenges posed by the global Synod regarding the meaning of our common humanity. However, given that more inclusive theological anthropologies already exist, my colleague and I asked ourselves, how do we bridge the chasm between the Synodal body and Catholic scholars who have dedicated their lives to this important work?  In a Spirit-inspired moment we reached out to several colleagues, and they all agreed that a communal response was worth the effort. We considered how might we engage the scholars in Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC) and elsewhere for their suggestions regarding the theological anthropologies that have inspired their work in ethics, and other sources (ecumenical, philosophical, social scientific, etc.) which have been most useful for their own reflections on theological anthropology.

To our collective amazement, many generous colleagues replied swiftly and affirmatively. Their contributions are below. We have listed works by the CTEWC community of scholars first and contributions by other theologians, philosophers, and ethicists below.

We hope that the international community of academic and ecclesiastical scholars will find this list useful and that you will circulate it to anyone who plans to attend the Fall 2024 Synod meeting. In addition, we hope that you will add to it, especially by providing works in languages other than English. Please send them to us at the addresses below.

Elsie Miranda,

Association of Theological Schools | Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Cristina Traina,

Fordham University | Bronx, NY, USA

Works by CTEWC Network Members

Bolded name indicates CTEWC member on collaborative works.

Autiero, Antonio and Stefanie Knauss. Oltre il ritmo binario. Prove di trialogo tra antropologia, etica e studi di genere. Edizioni San Paolo: Milano, 2024.

Beattie, Tina.

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Chapter 5: “Vulnerable Agency: Human Dignity and Gendered Violence”

Chapter 6, “Feminist Ethics and Sexual Morality”

Chapter 13, “Towards a Critical Political Ethics:Compassion, Solidarity, and LIberation towards Justice”

Heimbach-Steins, Marianne. “… nicht mehr Mann und Frau”: sozialethische Studien zu Geschlechterverhältnis und Geschlechtergerechtigkeit. Regensburg: Pustet, 2009.

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Keenan, James F.

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Works by Other Catholic Scholars

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