African Women Scholarship Program

Scholarship for Advanced Training Of African Women in Theological Ethics, 2011-2018

Congratulations to our scholarship recipients on their completion of advanced degrees in theological ethics. At this time, CTEWC is no longer providing scholarship opportunities.

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  • Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC)
  • Anonymous Foundation

Project Objective

To provide opportunities for qualified African women to undertake and complete their academic, professional and basic training in moral theology, social ethics and theological ethics.


In Africa, trained women are noticeably absent in the field of fundamental and applied theological ethics. This creates a serious challenge for the vitality of the Church’s moral tradition and its ability of respond to the critical moral challenges of the day. As a result, key issues are given little attention (e.g. the feminization of poverty, participation in political and ecclesial leadership, impact of HIV/AIDS on women, questions of gender justice) and the distinctive perspectives of women are overlooked. Moreover this under-investment in women’s theological development means that the Church does not properly utilize one of its greatest resources. The absence of African women working in the field of theological ethics constitutes a matter of serious concern for Catholic moral theologians world-wide. The need for this kind of programme is great; the benefits to African women in different spheres of life would be significant as well.

Description of the Programme

The primary focus of the programme is to provide opportunities for advanced training of African women in theological ethics, moral theology and applied ethics at post-graduate (STD/PhD) level.

  • The programme will offer opportunities for African women at post- graduate level in local institutions (colleges/universities).
  • It will be the responsibility of qualified and selected candidates to meet the prerequisites for and secure admission into these institutions for Academic Year 2011 – 2012.
  • In particular, the programme will aim to meet the needs of African women in various fields in order to expand and enhance their professional competence in ethics as it relates to their ministry or work.
  •  The programme will be open to qualified African women (lay or religious Catholics) from all over the continent, with particular emphasis on Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea.
  •  Qualified and selected candidates for advanced training in theological ethics will be required to promote the training of African women in theological ethics upon the completion of their studies. Providing basic training in theological ethics and professional ethical formation for women by African women who have advanced degrees in the field of ethics constitutes one of the anticipated outcomes of this programme. In time, one of the participating institutions might be able to develop and offer certification in basic theological ethics.


Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ
James Keenan, SJ
Linda Hogan