Meet Margaret Ssebunya

My name is Margaret Ssebunya and I am a Ugandan aged 27 years. I am one of the beneficiaries of the CTEWC scholarship. I completed my first degree in Education from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi in October 2007 (majoring in Geography and Religious Studies). In August 2009, I enrolled at Makerere University to pursue a Master of Arts Degree in Ethics and Public Management. Having attended the Trento Conference, I was exposed to a number of ethical and theological issues in the world church such as missing and marginalized voices, health issues, political ethics, ethics and inter religious dialogue as well as identity and familial relations. To me, the most striking issue was the missing and marginalized voices and it did guide me during research which explored the linkage between Patriarchy and women’s ownership of property in rural Uganda. I made a number of recommendations to ensure that the rights of women and girls are promoted there by upholding their dignity. On the whole, the course has enabled me appreciate issues of Ethics, Gender, Policy and Human rights.

I am currently working with Action for Development; a women based NGO formed in 1985 and one of the oldest women rights organizations in Uganda. It envisions a just society where there is gender equality of opportunities in all spheres and its mission is to promote women’s empowerment, gender equality and equity through advocacy, networking and capacity building of both men and women. I started as a volunteer and was later promoted to the position of Programmes Assistant/Associate. In the organization, I work under the Economic Policy Department and I coordinate GBV programmes. I also fundraise for projects aimed at politically, socially and economically empowering women in different parts of the country.

I am very passionate about women and I have always aspired to become an advocate for women’s rights and help fellow women and girls especially in the rural areas of Uganda since they have been subjected to all sorts of oppression undermining their human dignity. I am motivated by seeing women and girls being able to overcome obstacles affecting them thereby contributing to their own development and the development of the nation. As an advocate for women, I am glad that I have begun on what I always dreamt of doing and I will continue doing so to ensure that women in Uganda are able to overcome many of such obstacles. I believe the opportunity of working with ACFODE is going to help me a lot in realizing my dreams.