Meet Ojo Bolanle Bimbo

My name is Sr. Ojo Bolanle Bimbo Anthonia. I am a professed member of an indigenous congregation of women in Nigeria, known as Sisters of Saint Michael the Archangel, founded by Bishop Michael Fagun in 1986. I had my religious formation in the congregation between 1991 and 1994, and made my first and final profession in the same congregation in 1994 and 2000 respectively.

I completed my BA in Theology with a long essay titled: “Christian Family and Moral Formation of Youth in Ekiti Diocese”, in which I argued the point that to have a morally sound society, the Christian family should be more involved in the holistic formation of children. In my MA thesis titled, “Electronic Media and Moral of Youth in Ekiti State in the Light of Ethics in Communication 16”, I explored how the youth in the present media age are influenced negatively through unmonitored access to the negative contents of the media. I made recommendations on how to remedy this situation. Thanks to the CTEWC scholarship for the advanced training of African women in theological ethics, I am currently enrolled in a PhD programme at the Catholic Institute of West Africa in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I hope to carry out research in moral theology in regard to human dignity that is currently being disrespected and trampled upon in Nigerian society.

I am motivated by the desire to serve God in the world, particularly by contributing to the liberation of African girls and women from oppressive situations that society subjects them to. More so, as a religious in a developing nation, I am motivated to seek further knowledge in order to make positive contributions towards upholding the dignity of all human beings.

As a recipient of CTEWC scholarship, I would like to strive to uphold the dignity of women in Nigeria, in particular, and Africa, in general, where women are still regarded as second class citizens. This situation has retarded the ultimate realization of their potentials in building and developing themselves and the nation as a whole. This hindrance must be overcome in order to enlighten women and empower them to rise up to this challenge and fight for their liberation.