Padua Planning Committee

The Planning Committee was made up of Catholic Theological Ethicists who teach and minister around the world.  Titles and institutions are reflective of positions and posts at the time of the conference.

Soosai Arokiasamy
Vidyajyoti College of Theology
Delhi, India

Bénézet Bujo
Universität Miséricorde
Fribourg, Switzerland

Margaret A. Farley
Yale University Divinity School
New Haven, CT, USA

Linda Hogan
Irish School of Ecumenics
Trinity College
Dublin, Ireland

José Roque Junges
Universidade do Vale do Rio Sinos
Sao Leopoldo, Brazil

James Keenan – Chair
Gasson Chair – Boston College
Weston Jesuit School of Theology
Cambridge, MA, USA

José Rojas Jr.
Graduate School of Theology
Holy Rosary Major Seminary
Naga City, Phillipines

Paul Schotsmans
Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law
Leuven, Belgium