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Response to “Ethics in the Areopagus”

Comments on “Ethics in the Areopagus” by Miguel Angel Sanchez:

The optimistic note given by the author is to be appreciated: the youth have a sense of ethics.

Different themes come in the article. I shall comment on one: Often the debates centre around new technologies; basic helthcare needs of the people are often ignored in the bioethics discussions. India gives an image of a fast-developing nation, but more than 35% (that is about 400 million people or more) of people still live under poverty line (the debate is going on whether the poverty line is to be fixed at Rupees 35 [one dollar is rupees 52] or even below! But, in general, bioethicists (to a great extent even Christian bioethicists) are concerned only about new and expensive technologies and developments. Millions of poor people who can not afford even basic healthcare needs are simply ignored.

Shaji George Kochuthara, Bangalore, India