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Response to “The International Community and Democracy in the South”

Comments on Nathanael Yaovi Soede’s article, “The International Community and Democracy in the South”

Thanks for the insightful article. The author raises very meaningful questions which are to be elaborately answered.
The Libyan revolution has once again revealed the hypocrisy of the international community, especially the powerful nations. Gaddafi was a close friend of most of them for years, though it was clear that he was a despotic and egoistic ruler who exploited his own people. Where was the ‘love for democracy and justice’, of which the international community and especially the ‘defenders of democracy’ claim? They turned against him, only when it became clear that he would be thrown out by the people. Is it love for democracy or shameful opportunism? Why doesn’t the international community lead a war against China and the Arab nations where there is no democracy? Often for the international community, especially the powerful, what matters is not justice or democracy, but their own selfish interests.
Yes, we need non-violent means to fight these despots. On the contrary, when the powerful adopt such politics, the despots will try to please the powerful even at the cost of their own people, and to amass lethal weapons so that they may stay in power as long as they can.
Shaji George Kochuthara