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Response to “What We Can Learn from the Great East Japan Earthquake”

Comments on “What We Can Learn from the Great East Japan Earthquake” by Osamu Takeuchi:

Osamu Takeuchi has suceeds to invite us for a re-thinking in our relationship with nature. I specially liked his concluding remark: “Our lives depend on other lives. When we forget this we become arrogant. Our lives give life to others. When we forget it we lose hope.”

Often it is difficult to understand how to keep the balance between the needs of development and sustainability. Even after the Fukushima disaster which continue to threaten the lives of millions of people, India is going forward with its nuclear power projects. There is lot of protest and resistance from people, especially where the Government wants to set up a nuclear station soon.

Another public debate is going on between two states in India, over an aged and ailing dam which threatens the lives of millions of people (For details, watch Youtube: DAMS-the Lethal Water Bombs). In all such issues, politics, business motives, etc intervene, and it is difficult to reach a balanced judgement.

Shaji George Kochuthara