Padua 2006

Padua: The First International Crosscultural Conference for Theological Ethicists (July 8-11, 2006).

On July 8, 2006, nearly 400 theological ethicists from 63 countries entered the University of Padua’s Great Hall where Galileo lectured for 18 years and inaugurated the “First Cross Cultural Conference on Catholic Theological Ethics.”  In 2007, the 30 plenary papers from the conference were published and in 2008, 30 of the 120 cross-current papers in applied ethics were published. Later, another five editions of the first volume were published elsewhere in the world: Manila, Buenos Aires, Bologna, Bangalore, and Sao Paolo. Similarly, the second volume was published in Manila.

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Applied Ethics in a World Church: The Padua Conference

These essays by moral theologians were presented at the gathering in Padua, Italy of 420 moral theologians from 63 countries. They demonstrate the creativity, dynamism, and diversity of the Catholic moral tradition as it proceeds from local cultures, opens itself to cross-cultural conversations, and progresses in a spirit of mercy and care.

They address the following issues:- Globalization, Justice and the Environment- Gender- War and Peace- HIV/AIDS- Bioethics and Social Justice- Sexuality and Marriage- Challenges to Method in Moral Theology.

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